2009 11 23 Log Billmage

Session Log:

(Written on paper in journal between research notes)

Went back to town, turns out I was right, Carl (librarian) was
interested in the elemental notes from Mr Bad Guy … he is looking into
seeing what he can do with them, either selling to raise money for new
books on magic, or just new books on magic - either way it's cool. Heh,
gotta love my new copy spell. Makes copying notes and such so much
easier that it used to be. If only I had had this back at the academy,
it would have saved me a ton of money buying new books each semester. Ah


Time to go, Jaden has finished her conversation with the merchant and
the church of the coin.


Tony's character's (cannot remember name) guess was correct. The path we
saw two days ago did lead to the last elemental bastion. There are a ton
of trolls and other hooligans outside the cave. Sigh … you'd think
they would learn. More afterwards

(some of the words are smeared in blood and sweat. Handwriting is not
neat and small as normal, but large angry letters).

Those … MUNDANES!!!! They called in a favor from an elder spirit to
assist in guarding their cave. Professor Hill had mentioned the
possibility of a Magic Locus, a being such the antithesis of magic that
their very existence drained mana from the surrounding area. I hadn't
expected to actually meet one. And now, having met one, I can say that I
don't like them at all. This tentacled beast had such durability that
my strongest attacks, weak though they are, were absorbed. Luckily, my
companions stepped up the plate and were able to dispatch it. I felt so
useless … even the cleric was able to contribute magically. I must
reach out to Professor Hill to let him know this disparity between
methods of magical access between clerics and wizards as it pertains to
magic loci. Hmm, there might be a paper in this for me …

So, the stupid elder one knocked me unconscious, and from what I learned
afterwards, attempted to drag me off to my demise.

We decided to retreat, regroup, and recover from our ordeal, but the
monsters were having none of it. They sent out a squad of Earth Mephits.
I attempted to bottle them up in the cave, unfortunately they were too
fast for my spell … the only thing it did was prevent additional
monsters from joining the fight.

In my depleted condition, I was only able to levitate out of the reach
of the monsters while the rest of the party cleaned house. I need to
work on my attack spells more so that even while fatigued, I will be
able to churn out something.

(sent from the city — once we returned from the cave)

Professor Hill,
Enclosed are some notes on magical summonings and portals. Additional,
you will find a sketch of the elder thing we fought plus notes on the
I am sure you would be interested to learn of the ability of a cleric to
access ambient mana while it was cut off from myself.

Sketch: http://pcmedia.gamespy.com/pc/image/Illithid400_1091658758.jpg

I look forward to hearing back from you on any suggestions you have for
ways to modify my mana extraction methods, or if there is a way for a
cleric/wizard team up to have one gather mana while the other focuses
and uses it, similar to ceremonial magic. I realize that I was negligent
in my duties as an observer in that I didn't pay attention to the
patterns of mana while this was happening, I only offer up that fighting
for ones life occasionally makes one experience tunnel vision.

One other thing, the people I have been associating with have been
broadening my horizon. I am starting to understand that subtlety thing
you had tried to explain to me. Apparently it has something to do with
cats and not being forthright with people.

Your humble student,

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