2009 11 22 Log

Alternate logs: Billmage's log

Character points earned: 3

The party finished up some business in town. Billmage left a copy of the summoning/conjuration notes he found with the Carl the librarian, who would see how much money he could pay to add it to the library.

They returned to where they believed the last cave would be and found it highly reinforced. After attempting their previously succesful tactic, Billmage discovered that the caves were protected from magic by virtue of being a "no mana zone." (It was, however, not a "no sanctity zone" which allowed Reginald to still cast spells.)

After a protracted fight, the ogres and the trolls were either dispatched or fled, leaving behind another elder thing. This one turned out to be the cause of the "no mana zone" and fought a prolonged battle with the party. He had large tentacles coming from his back which drained the party's vitality (drained FP) and extremely resilient skin (and no vitals). Before it managed to drag Billmage away, Gornok grappled it and Jayden severed its tentacles. Finally, Gornok managed to rip its head off.

The party used up much of its resources in that battle, so they rested outside of the cave for about ten or twenty minutes before the inhabitants came out en masse. Billmage summoned an invisble wall of force, which separated the enemies into two groups. Only the earth mephits managed to exit the cave.

The earth mephits were mindless and driven, perhaps controlled. They attacked blindly and without regard to personal safety. When one was destroyed it would explode in a shower of rocks and acid, sometimes setting off a chain reaction.

The party managed to defeat them in a risky and dangerous battle and fled back to town, leaving the wall of force to cover their exit.

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