2009 11 15 Log

Extra session logs: Billmage's log, Jayden's log

Character points awarded for this session: 6

The party took the map that they had found in the bandit's camp and had the Baron's librarian look at it. He in turn sent for the cartographer, who was able to identify the area that it represented. One of the marks on the castle was the keep that they had discovered in 2009 10 25 log. In addition, there were three other spots marked on the map.

With the help of Gornak's navigation, they were able to follow the map and one of the marks on the map. There they discovered a trapped door guarded by some ogres and some sneaky trolls. After quickly finishing off the guardians and triggering the trap, they opened the portal and discovered it lead to a pocket of elemental fire with some playful (and dangerous) mephits. Bill cast a spell to resist the fire and played catch with them. He then discovered that they were trapped, gave them a few minutes of playtime outside of the door, and then told him that he would find a way to send them home.

They searched a desk and found some magical research notes on conjuration and summoning. It appears that the writer of the notes was working on opening four portals, one to each elemental plane.

They travelled to the next and found a similar set up which led to a pocket dimension of air, trapped with lightning. This encounter with the guardians went very smoothly, as they used a quick attack from the shadows, a fear spell, and an intimidating half-ogre to scare them away. After triggering the trap, they discovered a pocket dimension behind with no visible floor. Billmage cast levitation and negotiated with the air mephit inhabitants. They had a similar story to the fire mephits.

The last door they repeated the efficient chasing away of the inhabitants and found a door which Bill recognized would have cast a cold trap. He warned the others, but decided that he didn't have the necessary spells.

On the trip towards the keep, Gornon recognized a recently made man-made trail off of the path. They camped opposite it, with the idea that this would be the last shrine and portal.

In the middle of the night, they were attacked by "Atchuls" whose plumage was very valuable to alchemists. They made quick work of them and collected the feathers.

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