2009 11 01 Log

Character points awarded: 4

The party returned to town and the inn with the information that they had gathered, passing by the king's man who checked that they had the proper license for their time in the dungeon.

At the inn, they purchased a room (with the "buy one, get one free" coupon that was available from the map). Jayden and Billmage wore the cloaks that they had received in the dungeon, Gornok and Reginald did not.

Jayden went to carouse and gather information, Gornok set to the task of feeding his hungry stomach, Billmage buried himself in a book, and Reginald attempted to sway Billmage "to the light." In the process, Reginald had a commoner approach him and tell him that the "sorts of folk that wear those cloaks aren't the type to be swayed." He explained that the wearers of the cloak tended to be addlebrained and strange, unholy sorts.

Jayden approached the bartender who informed her that "the gathering" would happen when the moon was full and high in the sky, and that he would have Jaspers escort her when the time was right. He also told her that now was not the time to discuss those matters.

She also went to speak to the mayor, and was escorted to his study by the valet. While she was there, she lockpicked the desk and gathered up some incriminating evidence from the desk before he arrived.

Later, when he arrived in the room she repeated the phrase that she had been given from the hobgoblin in the dungeon (see 2009 10 25 Log). She explained that she had come to help his organization and wanted to know what she could do. He said that his group had not yet made inroads into the nearby town of Fleur du Loc and that he would be very grateful for anything that she could do to advance that. He also pointed her to the head of the local Church of the Coin temple to learn more about their "divine benefactor."

When night came, she explained to Bill that she was gathering information "about kittens" and that she would be back. She went to the gathering with Jaspers, who told her that if she was easily frightened that she should probably not attend. Whatever she was to do, she should not leave once the proceedings had started. She told him it would not be a problem and went with him.

When she got there, everyone was wearing the strange cloaks. She watched a ceremony unfold where some of the participants transformed into elder things with tentacles on their faces. She also felt drained as she participated in the ceremony where they summoned their god which appeared as a mass of tentacles. She would later learn that his name was [Ho-Ra]. They decided that she would go to the Church of the Coin to get more information.

When she talked to the head of the Church of the Coin, he ushered her into his private chambers. When she asked what it would take to get more involved, he told her that they would be happy to send her to a two or three week retreat to learn as much as she needed. She should gather her items to prepare for the spiritual journey. She left afterwards, realizing that he was one of the participants in the ceremony who had changed form.

When she returned, she explained this to the rest of the party. Billmage took her at original story to be true and tried to reconcile her new story with what he believed she had sent him to research, which involved kittens. The party made a decision to ambush the head of the Church of the Coin before he rejoined the ceremony.

The party ambushed him and made short work of him, despite his sudden agility. They then travelled to the clearing where the ceremony had been performed and ambushed the people tending to the flame and changed them into zombies. When the others started to arrive for the ceremony, the zombies and the party quickly finished everyone off.

The party decided to head back to town to get some rest before they ventured onward.

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