2009 10 25 Log

Character points awarded: 5

The party traveled back to town to bring Reginald back from the brink of death using the services of "The Church of the Coin". (price list available later.)

When they returned to the caves, they discovered a druid who was looking over the corpses of the crushrooms. He explained that he had raised them from spores and was quite upset that they were killed. After talking to him for a short while, Gornok insulted him. He tried to cast a spell in return, but Gornok grappled him. The druid then flew off in the form of a bat.

The party walked down the underground stream and discovered a group of lizard man guards. They tried to communicate and stumbled upon the fact that they were willing to trade. Jayden managed to score a set of fine leather armor and others refreshed their rations with some fresh smoked lizard-cattle meat.

At this point the tunnels branched off into three directions, they continued down the path towards a keep off in the distance. The water emptied out from the underground stream into a small waterfall. In the distance they saw a keep. They decided to retrace their steps and returned to the three way branch.

The tunnel they picked sloped downward, where they discovered a group of kobolds (along with the ever present kobold traps), they finally managed to encourage the kobolds into a final stand where they defeated the leader and the able bodied male kobolds. Gornok looted a magical axe and the party found miscellaneous treasures and even more gold sewn inside of a crude tapestry.

The party moved onward and discovered orcs, fought a few guards, and once again found the orcs gathered together to provide a final resistance. They decided to allow the orcs alone and instead turned around and found the orc leader's throne room.

Behind a tapestry there was a chest and a secret door leading to a private room where the orcs, kobolds, and hobgoblins could have meetings. In the room was a bucket (with some gems hidden in a secret pouch below them) and a pile of rotting sacks. Beneath the rotting sacks were two giant centipedes, which attacked and seriously creeped out Jayden.

They went through the doorway that lead to the hobgoblin area and met up with a group of resting hobgoblin guards. After a bit of fast talk, they convinced one of the hobgoblins that they were interested in joining up with the group. He lead them to the hobgoblin leader, who turned out to be in charge of the entire cavern complex.

He revealed that he was torturing prisoners who were taken from town with the knowledge of the current mayor. He told them that they should introduce themselves to the mayor with the phrase "the bat has not yet flown from the belfry." He provided them with cloaks which they could use to identify themselves as working with the humanoids should they encounter any on the way out. He also revealed that none of the humanoids had met the mayor "Gunt."

At this point, the party quickly changed tacts and ambushed the hobgoblin leader. They made quick work of him and his allies and rescued the humans that were imprisoned. (Also freeing the orc, telling him to return to his tribe and convince them to stop working with the others). The grateful merchant and his wife provided a magical dagger to Jayden, the two men at arms promised a year of service if provided room and board and any equipment necessary. Finally, the merchant offered his assistance in town (Translation: No longer will the party receive the -20% penalty for items sold in town).

The merchant also verified the hobgoblin's story: Gunt was working for the humanoids, but many of the townsfolk had either disappeared or started to act strangely. So, the party escorted him back to town to a discrete location where they could hide until the problem was resolved.

magical treasure discovered: +1 to hit dagger, +1 to hit axe

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