2009 10 18 Log

Character points awarded: 3

The party had heard rumors of adventurers getting rich from a local dungeon, near a small thriving town of Guntsville in the Kingdom of Bellelafleur.

As they went to leave town they encountered a king's man who had set up a toll station to sell licenses to loot and pillage from the dungeon, which was in the ruins of a small keep. After purchasing the license for 15 gold, he offered a map of the area for another 30 gold. (Upon which the party thief picked the man's pockets).

They ventured towards the dungeon and encountered an ogre, which they defeated a bit too easily, when the ogre acted out a death scene worthy of the worst B movie (a critical failure on his acting roll). From there, they walked around the area and found not much of value except for some tarnished silver eating utensils (which they left behind).

The first ventured down into the larder, where they encountered four giant rats which they defeated. (And this was our first encounter with GURPS combat, which seemed to bog down with monsters that had higher than average dodge ratings).

They discovered in this area a small stream which led out of the larder, where some of the injured rats swam away to safety in.

The party went back upstairs and then went down into the prison area of the keep, where they discovered a ladder (which collapsed beneath the barbarian's Gornok weight.) The party's thief (Jayden then picked the locks of some prisons, where she discovered a small book of necromantic theories of magic, which the party wizard (Billmage) picked up and kept.

The next thing they discovered was a long series of traps down a small switch back corridor, which they alternately disarmed or set off with very little effect. (At one point, she disabled a grate system which allowed a kobold below to stab a spear up at the feet of the people walking overhead, accompanied by his cursing.)

Next they met a series of bored kobolds who were playing poker, uninterested in playing the fearsome monsters that they were apparently paid to play. They informed the party that the whole dungeon was a scam to lure adventurers into the town. He offered to invite Jayden to play poker with them, but in the process offended Gornok enough to threaten their lives.

After the group scattered, Gornok managed to grab one of the fleeing kobolds and forced him to lead them to the "real dungeon" which was behind a large door. This area was not on the map that they were provided.

This area also had an underground stream running through it (which the party thought might be further downstream from the stream that they discovered in the larder). In addition, they saw large fluorescent mushrooms which Jayden pulled a piece from and kept (as it continued to glow afterwards).

After travelling a while downstream, the party encountered two mobile mushrooms, which Gornok identified as Crushrooms. After a long and difficult battle, the party managed to defeat them both, but not before the party's cleric, Reginald, was crushed.

We ended the session with Reginald's fate still undetermined, but things looked grim for him.

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