Coma Rules

This is my vague recollection of the coma rules that Dave Wingert had in his campaign and will need to be updated whenever someone gets a copy of the actual rules:

  • You do not automatically die when you reach negative -10 hitpoints.
  • You are considered unconscious when you go below 0 hitpoints.
  • You are considered in a coma when you go below your coma threshhold.
  • Your coma threshhold is -9 - level - constitution modifier hitpoints.
    • A level 3 fighter with a 14 constitution (+2 modifier) would have a coma threshhold of -9 - 3 - 2 = -14
    • A level 1 wizard with an 6 constitution (-2 modifier) would have a coma threshhold of -9 - 1 - -2 = -8
  • When you enter a coma you do not heal naturally and need constant attention. (more information on the heal check here)
  • After 24 hours of continual effort, a DC30 heal check can remove a character from the coma condition.
  • This condition can be removed from a coma with the cure coma spell:

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