Claudia Benmokx

Str 17
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 8
Wis 10
Cha 12

Alignment: Good
Backgorund: Guild Artisan (guild merchant)

Claudia is a Half Orc Barbarian. She lives with a tribe of other half orcs who moved north to escape the bigotry in the south and live in peace. Over the last few generations, the tribe has become known for their weaving and other fabric crafts. Claudia works as a merchant taking their goods to sell and trade.

While traveling with her mule, Fred, to sell goods for her people, she met TorTor when she traveled on the ship he worked on. Unfortunately, the ship sank, and she and TorTor were the only survivors. She misses Fred dearly.

Shortly after she and TorTor made it back to land, she met VaJayJay, who has promised to bring Fred back. She then sold VaJayJay one of the last pieces of cloth she had from her people, a beautiful blanket that her mother made.

Eventually, she met up with this crazy wizard guy, Grundorf, who needed wizard robes. She turned some of the cloth into a robe for him.

Now, she travels around with TorTor, Grundorf, VaJayJay, and his brother OloOlo.

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